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Delivering powerful solutions.
Free Diagnostic

ATL Tech Force has made tech support not only convenient but also free. If you are encountering any issues whether you know the problem or not you can bring your device to us. Our technicians will diagnose the problem FREE and inform you of the cost of service, you will have the choice to get your device repair or not. 


Broken Screen

We repair your computer and Smartphones

screens. Whether your screen is water damaged, cracked or completely broken, we have a solution. We fix your phone or computer screens by replacing it with the new one. We can order a new one and replace it for you or you can bring your own new screen and we can replace it for you. 


Virus/Spyware Removal

ATL Tech Force  takes a very detailed and complete approach to the virus removal process. We take the time to ensure that all instances of the infection are removed.We also acknowledge our clients of the causes so they can prevent their computers in the future . That is our virus and spyware removal promise.


Hardware Replacement

If you are encountering issues with your computer/phone/game conlsoles' audio, video, mother board, disk tray, hard drive or any broken part we have simple solution, we can repair or replace the damaged parts and make your device like new. 


Data Backup/Recovery

You pictures, music, videos, documents are all very important files. Let ATL Tech Force help you back up that important data. If you lost your data due to Virus/spyware or malfunction  we can even provide data recovery at a very low cost. 


Wireless Network

​The internet is one big network and in your home or small office, your modem is making a network at your location. Assistance with these devices as well as connecting multiple computers or other devices to your network requires skill. ATL Tech Force has the ability to help you setup, configure and get your wireless devices working.


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